Goal of the Development radio

The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD) is set up to give community
members the space to tell their own stories and share knowledge and experiences
on issues affecting the advancement of their development and livelihood.


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KEY Staff of the crrd radio

The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD) also call “Development Radio” is set up and staff by volunteers specially trained and coordinated to assist community peer educators and leaders to underpin all kinds of Community Activities with NO discrimination on Nationality, Tribal, Cultural, Linguistic, Religion, Political, Social, Philosophical or Gender; thereby Giving a Voice to the Voiceless (rarely heard) who are Mostly Women and Children.

Dr. Ndonwie Peter

Dr. Ndonwie Peter Muma has implemented just as the CRRD Radio project over 500 projects for Women and Children in Cameroon and Ghana with over 25 years of work experience in Development and Capacity building to local community projects for governments and International charity and corporate organizations. Dr. Donwie is always open and ready to give advise, expert opinion, talk and consultancy to events, community and governmental issues, etc

CRRD Partners

The CRRD staff and management are very happy to be in good collaboration and working partnership with local authorities and community leaders during the identification, funding and implementation of the Community Radio for Rural Development. CRRD will continue to identify and provide updated free media and technology training both to its beneficiaries and local authorities. We are always open to make partnership with institutions and communities for join pograms

CRRD Volunteers

The Community Radio for Rural Development is 100% administered and managed by unpaid volunteers who are peer educators and community leaders willing and happy to work for free towards the good and advancement of development to the local communities. CRRD also accepts volunteers from national and international interns and volunteers to top up the skill and capacity building of its local volunteers and project leaders.