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The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD) which is a project of the Pan-African Organization for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children

PAORP-VWC is a charity organization with offices in Cameroon and Ghana.

All our projects are facilitated by Experts and or Volunteers.

We will be very happy to hear from you and possibly welcome you to our offices for a possible Volunteer and or Expert Job Offer.

Please make your Volunteer and Expert Position Job Inquiry in the form below:

CRRD Staff at launching 1aCRRD staff at Bafut palace cout yardCRRD staff leaving Bafut Palace gave palace security guard who is also a prince an unsung heroes cap to recognize his workCRRD Staff at launching 1dCRRD Staff at launching 1b


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100m After Bambui 4 Corners , Road to Bambili, NW, Cameroon.
(+237) 675 945 068